Introducing New GbWhatsApp Status Features

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GBWhatsApp Status is a widely embraced avenue for sharing momentary updates with friends and cherished contacts. These updates gracefully vanish within 24 hours, accommodating various forms of expression such as photos, videos, GIFs, and text. Just like your private conversations and calls, gbWhatsApp status enjoys the robust shield of end-to-end encryption, ensuring your sharing is both private and secure.

Our enthusiasm soars as we introduce an array of innovative features to WhatsApp Status, enhancing your ability to convey your uniqueness and foster connections with others.

The first feature is the ability to choose your audience. Users can now select who gets to see their status updates, ensuring that their content is shared only with the intended recipients. Additionally, Gb WhatsApp has introduced voice status, allowing users to speak their heart out and convey their thoughts and emotions in a more personalized manner. This adds a new dimension to status updates and enhances the overall user experience. These new features not only provide users with more control over their content but also enable them to express themselves more effectively.

Choose Your Audience

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Not every status update you share is meant for everyone in your contact list. To address this, you now have the freedom to select who gets to see your status every time you post. Your latest choice of audience will be saved and automatically applied as the default for your future status updates. This new feature provides an avenue for personalized updates, enabling users to share exclusive content with specific individuals or groups. By selectively choosing their audience, users can curate their content to match the interests and preferences of the intended recipients. This targeted sharing not only fosters a sense of exclusivity but also allows for customized experiences for different groups of contacts. Users can now share updates that are relevant and meaningful to specific individuals or groups, enhancing the quality of their interactions on the platform.

Voice Status

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We are excited to announce a new feature that allows you to capture and share voice messages lasting up to 30 seconds via WhatsApp status. Voice status enables you to convey more personal updates, making it ideal for those who find it easier to express themselves through spoken words rather than written text.

Status Reactions

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In our latest update, we’re introducing status reactions, offering a convenient and swift method to respond to the status updates shared by your contacts. Now, with a simple swipe-up gesture, you can swiftly reply to any status by selecting from a set of eight expressive emojis (😍 😂 😮 😥 🙏 👏 🎉 💯). Rest assured, you can still respond with text, voice messages, stickers, and more to keep your interactions as rich and diverse as ever.

Status Profile Rings for New Updates

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Thanks to the innovative status profile ring, you’ll never overlook a status update from someone dear to you. This distinctive ring will encircle your contact’s profile picture each time they share a status update, ensuring it catches your attention. This ring will be prominently visible not only in chat lists but also in group participant lists and contact information, making it effortlessly easy to stay in touch with the latest updates from your loved ones.

Link Previews On Status

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Starting now, when you share a link on your status, you will automatically receive a visual preview of its content, similar to the way messages appear. These visual previews enhance the appearance of your statuses and offer your contacts a clearer insight into the link’s content before they decide to click on it.

These enhancements have begun their global rollout and will become accessible to all users over the next few weeks.

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GBWhatsApp offers an enhanced and personalized WhatsApp experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking advanced features. Its extensive feature set has garnered it a global following, with millions of users favoring it over the standard WhatsApp. To stay updated, be sure to save or bookmark this page for future releases.